Midsummer in Visby 2023 at Paviljongsplan
Friday 23 June 12.30 – 16.00

Wisby Midsommargrupp
This event is made possible by a non profit organisation, that loves the midsummer traditions.

We are very happy to celebrate midsummer in Visby once again. And we can only do it thanks to our
fantastic sponsors.

Donate money
If you want to donate money, we are more than grateful. You can do it by Swish or donate cash at
the event.

We meet at Södertorg, and go as a long procession with horse and cart, fiddlers and dancers, down
to Paviljongsplan.

13.00 – 16.00

We all help to make the maypole with flowers and leaves, lift the maypole and dance around it with
the traditional Swedish ringdance.

There will be artists and a folkdance team with fiddlers and accordion players that appears.
There is also possible to buy a ”Swedish Fika”.

Very Welcome!